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Beware Latest Scams

Dropbox Fake Share

There is a spam email going around with an attachment and subject “First name Last-name shared ….“ for example “Marcia Keenan shared Amendment or the Agreement_09-11-2015.zip”. It looks like a Dropbox link to view a document but it is not.  Spammers can also use same technique to present it as google docs and one drive/live share.  DO NOT open these attachments/links and if you have already tried to open this attachment then please contact Genmar ASAP.

Moreover, if you are not expecting an attachment or email with links then do not open or click on the links. Spammers may use genuine domains such as ups.com, Parcelforce.com or even nhs.co.uk to send spam email. Sometime they can use your company name on the subject.  Please note these attachments can be in any formats, it can be .doc, .docx, .pdf, .zip, .rar, .arj, etc.

PayPal Phishing

Some rather nice looking emails purportedly from PayPal with different subject headings – look very much like an email from PP but the from address is paypal@e.paypal.co.uk  the e. bit is not from PP. Delete or ignore but DO NOT click or reply. Again if you have I suggest you contact Genmar.


Garry Moore

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